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    Agriculture Hall

    As you enter Heartland Museum's Agricultural Hall through the turn-of-the-century Prairie Farm Supply store, you are greeted with over 16,000 square feet of original and restored farm tractors and construction machinery, horse drawn wagons, carriages, sleighs and implements on two levels.

    The balcony houses over 2,000 collectible toy models of all kinds in showcases for the toy enthusiast. Below the balcony is large rooms housing individual historical displays from several Wright County towns, the North Central Antique Tractor Club of Iowa, an ice harvesting display, a working railroad exhibit and a one-room schoolhouse.

    All four walls in the Ag Hall are a showcase in themselves, displaying rare and unusual farm implement signs and clocks with one working neon sign as large as the tractor it advertises.

    There is a children's area for supervised climbing and playing on a large farm tractor replica and a real Amish buggy experience. The majority of displays have an educational component for the readers and researchers to pore over.