November 7th-9th:

    4-H Schoolhouse Museum Move

    The City of Clarion and Heartland Museum have reached an agreement to relocate this historic, one room schoolhouse which houses 4-H memorabilia

    in 2018, the school will be part of the tour of the Heartland Museum!  Look for fresh new exhibits pertaining to 4-H or a one room schoolhouse!

    November 10th

    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Free admission for Military and Veterans!

    Friday, November 10th

    We honor those who serve......visit the museum and see our military display among our other items.

    Regular admisison price for non-military

    November 11, 2017

    Shop With Us for Unique Gifts!

    Annual Christmas Boutique

    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

    Enjoy our cozy community room while you shop for

    someone special!  New gift ideas and one-of-a-kind

    creations from home and cottage businesses in the area.

    Everything from handcrafted gifts to Christmas baked goods.

    Call 515-602 -6000 for more information or to reserve a table for your items!

    December 2, 2017

    Any age welcome!  You will receive one 4 x 5 print for  $5.00.

    The $5.00  is being donated back to Heartland Museum by LIfetouch for

    updating the 4-H school musuem.

    Additional photos may be ordered from Lifetouch at additional cost.




    December 2, 2017

    9:00 am

    Mystery at the Museum

    Debut of a unique item!  Stop in during Santa Pictures

    to be among the first to see our mystery!  You may want to have your own picture taken with this wonderful item.

    A little bit of information about our item:

    The Mystery at the Museum Story

    From Voices from the Past

      "Hi! I'm Susan Carpenter and I'm returning to share some exciting news and mysteries with you about my treasure come home again to stay right here in the Heartland.  Some remember me as Mrs. J. B. Carpenter, but I was born Susan Conroy, July 25th, 1868, near Sherwood Wisconsin, not too far from Appleton.

            My father passed in 1873, and my mother moved us all to near Woolstock, where she remarried.  I met a handsome young farmer by the name of Joseph B. Carpenter.  We were married March 10, 1891  and for the next 32 years we enjoyed a happy and prosperous life on his farm northwest of Woolstock. 

     Tragedy...and Mystery

      Then tragedy struck. Our old REO with its faulty brakes stalled on the tracks at the Banks Crossing in Webster City just as the Northwestern passenger train was accelerating out of the  Webster City Station. I panicked as the monstrous engine bore down upon our stalled car. I opened the door to jump to safety, but was caught by the cow-catcher.

           I left behind a treasure surrounded by many mysteries never solved. That treasure survived during its moves over the next 95 years only because of pleading and tears of my granddaughter Betty.  It was in Rowan, Iowa, then on to Illinois

            Now this prized possession is right here, in this museum! I can hardly wait to have you see it!  I understand it will be unveiled in December, but I simply cannot wait that long to tell you what it is!  Oh, no, my time is up....but very quickly, it is....


    515-602-6000 for more information.