Permanent Exhibits


    Perhaps you have heard of main streeet as it existed in the past. 

    Our streescapes provide you a chance to experience the 50's; 30's,and Victorian

    era.  Enjoy the stores as they may have been!

    You will not want to miss some of the photo opportunities on our streets!

    Lest We Forget

    This exhibit takes time to thank veterans for their service to the

    United States Armed Forces. Among the collection are

    artifacts from local veterans. Each branch of the military

    is represented.

    A scaled down model of the U.S.S. Iowa completes the collection.

    The Teddy Bear Museum

    Beginning with a Teddy Bear Reunion in1990, this exhibit showcases a permanent display of teddy bear art from around the world. Step into this exhibit, and learn the history of the childhood toy that was named after the president while walking through decades of teddy bear art.

    Among the collection:

    • Local artist, Steve Schutt
    • History of the Teddy Bear
    • Prototypes for Smithsonian Exhibit
    • Teddy Bear Reunion Vignettes

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    Alvina's Hat Parlor

    Alvina Sellers from Clarion became the "Iowa Hat Lady".  Her hat parlor and millinary shop contains a collection of hats, clothing, and other items that belonged to her.  She created a career with her hats and wonderful stories!  Take time to listen to the stories of the humble hat!

    Among the collection:

    • 302 of Alvina's 6,000+ Hats
    • Stories from her 5,636 Programs
    • Video from her David Letterman Appearance

    Wright County Historical Library

    Crafted in the Prairie School design made popular by Frank Lloyd Wright, is the library of the Clarion chapter of the Wright County Historical Society. It includes a research room that is fully stocked to provide stacks of information and the tools to collect it. The library and research room serves as a station for genealogy or local history research and is available to anyone by appointment.  Click on the menu link above for more information.

    Among the collection:

    • Original County Record Books
    • Tax Lists
    • Plat books
    • Clarion / Clarion-Goldfield High school Annuals
    • Church Directories
    • Area Family Histories
    • Organizational Histories
    • Clarion Athletics Records

    Agriculture Hall

    Over 16,000 square feet of original and restored farm tractors and construction machinery, horse drawn wagons, carriages, sleighs and implements on two levels awaits you. The balcony houses over 2,000 collectible toy models of all kinds in showcases for the toy enthusiast. Below the balcony is large rooms housing individual historical displays from several Wright County towns, the North Central Antique Tractor Club of Iowa, an ice harvesting display, a working railroad exhibit and a one-room schoolhouse.

    All four walls in the Ag Hall are a showcase in themselves, displaying rare and unusual farm implement signs and clocks with one working neon sign as large as the tractor it advertises.

    There is a children's area for supervised climbing and playing on a large farm tractor replica and a real Amish buggy experience. The majority of displays have an educational component for the readers and researchers to pore over.

    Big Bud

    The Heartland Museum is proud to be the current home of the "World's Largest Farm Tractor". The 16-V 747 built in Montana was originally built for deep ripping and has been used by farms in California and Florida.  Over the last 20 years the tractor has toured many farms and museums and now rests in Clarion, Iowa.

    • Some of Big Bud's Statistics:
    • 900+ Horsepower
    • 16 Cylinder Engine
    • 27' Long
    • 20' Wide
    • 14' Tall
    • 8' Tire Diameter
    • 1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank
    • 130,000 Lbs.